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2018 - 03 - 23
China's Ministry of Science and Technology has announced to the media in Beijing that LED lighting has huge industrial, economic, technological and social effects and is regarded as a strategic emerging industry by many countries around the world. "LED lighting is a global opportunity, and strengthening global cooperation is an important part of its industrial development."In cooperation with developed countries and emerging economies, through the International Science and Technology Cooperation Program, China's National Key Laboratory of Semiconductor Lighting established the "...
2018 - 03 - 23
A new material, optical diffusion coating, developed by the team of Professor You Bo of the Department of Materials Science of the University, appeared at the World Expo. The material can effectively solve the problem of low glare and low output efficiency of LED light source.There are many imperfections in the LED at present. One of the most fatal disadvantages is the characteristics of its point light source. When the LED light shines, it produces a strong light point that can not be looked at directly by the eyes. If you have been living around a high-brightness LED light source, the bright...
2018 - 03 - 23
The global retail price of LED bulbs fluctuated in January, with the global average price of LEDs replacing 40 W incandescent bulbs rising by about 4 % a month, but the price of LEDs replacing 60 W incandescent bulbs fell by 4.3 % a month, according to a survey of retail prices of LED bulbs. Entering a brand new year, brand manufacturers will carry out new strategies. For example, Korean brand factories will continue to use parity strategies in the European and American markets to grab the market.The price performance of 40W products was replaced by regions, and the price trends in various reg...
2018 - 03 - 23
The drive power supply of LED lighting lamps requires very high parameters for Transformers and inductors. In order to achieve precision, it takes a lot of manpower and financial resources to achieve it. It is difficult to further reduce the cost of industrial production.For the innovation and breakthrough of LED drive constant current source chip design technology, the new solution can be applied in the actual application of LED lamp drive power supply, the output current is less sensitive to the inductance of Transformers and inductors and the parameters such as LED VF. The key to the innova...
2018 - 03 - 23
LED显示屏应用哪些领域:LED显示屏的背光照明县它应用最为广汐的一个领域.占其应用的40%或更多。大屏幕显示主要用在公共场所,如机场、车站、港口、证券交易大厅、金融机构、体育场馆、展览会、购物中心、调度指挥中心、广告媒体等,在屏幕上显示各种文字、图形和数字信息,用于信息发布、广告宣传、新闻报导以及文化娱乐等。       作为广告宣传,由于图像屏能昼夜显示活动的图像,故其效果远胜于霓虹灯广告牌。安装在候车(机)室的大屏幕,则主要用来发布车次到达时刻、飞机航班的动态信息,中间还可插播广告和新闻报导等内容。       用在体育场馆和赛马场的大屏幕显示,则LED显示屏如何做到低成本可以为远离赛场的观众及时传送或再现比赛的细节和精彩场面,是现代体育场馆设施中一种必备的、重要的装置。

Glass stack road custom special effects full color P 3.91-7.81

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2019 - 12 - 13
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The Administrative Service Hall Of Hangzhou International Talent Building applied SanshuimingMingke Mk12-20 transparent substrate screen, and our high-end  products  were...
2018 - 03 - 30
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Case notes:Installation site: Tanggu District, TianjinSolar street lamp configuration:LED street light source: GP-XZH-20W, DC12V, Little China lamp, ultra-bright and high-power LED, light effect 100-1...
2018 - 03 - 30
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The project is a collection of houses, villas as one of the Italian style high-end community.Panoramic viewHow should high-grade residential area do brighten?Like the lighting techniques of many high-...
2018 - 03 - 14
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