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    Indoor installation, outdoor viewing, indoor screen installation, easy to maintain, safer; outdoor viewing, no need for architectural design institute audit, or easy audit


    Thin, no steel, ultra-thin screen body, 12kg ~ 15kg / box, can be directly attached to the original glass curtain wall keel structure installation, no additional installation of steel structures, saving space and installation cost, large-scale architectural glass curtain wall applications, without prejudice Under the premise of lighting, the user is able to display the creative effect without affecting the appearance of the building itself and integrate into a more harmonious display.。

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    Shenzhen SanshuiMingke Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D, production and sales of indoor and outdoor LED displays, LED indoor and outdoor transparent screens, LED lighting, LED street lights and solar landscape lights and other products. Our company has professional production equipment and excellent technology, advanced, high-quality, high standards of modern management team, high-level professional and technical development staff, with hundreds of staff with many years of operating experience and well-trained staff. SanshuiMingke LED builds Chinese LED projects experts such as government engineering, commercial estate, and hotel entertainment.

    Our company strictly implements 7S management standards and industry management standards, has passed ISO9001-2000/ISO14001/3C/CE/FCC/ROHS and other quality system certification, reliable quality, advanced technology, perfect technology, fully automated supporting production equipment, Standard assembly line production, perfect sales network and good pre-sales service are the basis for us to provide high quality products and continuous development.

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    Shanshui Mingke received various honorary certificates

    Honor is the corporate credit rating, the credit rating business in China, different regulatory agencies according to their business characteristics and purposes, has taken a different credit rating criteria for the classification. Currently, the more popular is the three decile credit rating standards, is recognized by most banks and rating agencies。

    Corporate honor is the award and praise from the society and the public. Including government organizations named awarded various awards, media and market research awards, the public expression of praise to the enterprise through formal and informal channels. Honor is an important manifestation of the brand reputation, and ultimately affect the program also depends on the brand of Honor brand promotion programs, media participation, public recognition and so on. Corporate honor is a measurable brand word-of-mouth index。

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2018 - 03 - 24
Each salesperson must visit the customer once a month to understand the product demand information and customer's response to the product, and fee...
2018 - 03 - 24
First, the composition of the LED dot matrix display screen: consists of multiple LED light emitting diodes encapsulated together, which is a new type...
2018 - 03 - 24
In the process of using the control system, we occasionally encounter the phenomenon of full black screen on the LED screen. The same phenomenon may b...
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  • Updated: 2018 - 03 - 23
    China's Ministry of Science and Technology has announced to the media in Beijing that LED lighting has huge industrial, economic, technological and social effects and is regarded as a strategic emerging industry by many countries around the world. "LED lighting is a global opportunity, and strengthening global cooperation is an important part of its industrial development."In cooperation with developed countries and emerging economies, through the International Science and Technology Cooperation Program, China's National Key Laboratory of Semiconductor Lighting established the "International Open Innovation Center", an overseas R&D entity, at the University of Helandaierfu, and jointly trained doctoral and postdoctoral students. China also cooperates with th...
  • Updated: 2018 - 03 - 23
    A new material, optical diffusion coating, developed by the team of Professor You Bo of the Department of Materials Science of the University, appeared at the World Expo. The material can effectively solve the problem of low glare and low output efficiency of LED light source.There are many imperfections in the LED at present. One of the most fatal disadvantages is the characteristics of its point light source. When the LED light shines, it produces a strong light point that can not be looked at directly by the eyes. If you have been living around a high-brightness LED light source, the bright light point formed by the LED light source will instantly affect the visual judgment. In the short term, eye discomfort and fatigue will occur, and long-term use will cause permanent damage.Free from...
  • Updated: 2018 - 03 - 23
    The global retail price of LED bulbs fluctuated in January, with the global average price of LEDs replacing 40 W incandescent bulbs rising by about 4 % a month, but the price of LEDs replacing 60 W incandescent bulbs fell by 4.3 % a month, according to a survey of retail prices of LED bulbs. Entering a brand new year, brand manufacturers will carry out new strategies. For example, Korean brand factories will continue to use parity strategies in the European and American markets to grab the market.The price performance of 40W products was replaced by regions, and the price trends in various regions were very different. Among them, the end of the commodity promotion period in the United Kingdom led to a significant increase in the price of some products, and the rest was a slight increase. T...
  • Updated: 2018 - 03 - 23
    The drive power supply of LED lighting lamps requires very high parameters for Transformers and inductors. In order to achieve precision, it takes a lot of manpower and financial resources to achieve it. It is difficult to further reduce the cost of industrial production.For the innovation and breakthrough of LED drive constant current source chip design technology, the new solution can be applied in the actual application of LED lamp drive power supply, the output current is less sensitive to the inductance of Transformers and inductors and the parameters such as LED VF. The key to the innovation technology is to optimize the chip algorithm language. The chip controls the peak output current, and through the auxiliary winding feedback, the ratio of the demagnetization time to the chip swi...
  • Updated: 2018 - 03 - 23
    LED显示屏应用哪些领域:LED显示屏的背光照明县它应用最为广汐的一个领域.占其应用的40%或更多。大屏幕显示主要用在公共场所,如机场、车站、港口、证券交易大厅、金融机构、体育场馆、展览会、购物中心、调度指挥中心、广告媒体等,在屏幕上显示各种文字、图形和数字信息,用于信息发布、广告宣传、新闻报导以及文化娱乐等。       作为广告宣传,由于图像屏能昼夜显示活动的图像,故其效果远胜于霓虹灯广告牌。安装在候车(机)室的大屏幕,则主要用来发布车次到达时刻、飞机航班的动态信息,中间还可插播广告和新闻报导等内容。       用在体育场馆和赛马场的大屏幕显示,则LED显示屏如何做到低成本可以为远离赛场的观众及时传送或再现比赛的细节和精彩场面,是现代体育场馆设施中一种必备的、重要的装置。
  • Updated: 2018 - 03 - 23
    1.生产销售组装LED照明及LED相关产品的公司的技术操作工程人员对开关电源和LED驱动电源的了解不够,平常做出的普通电源是可以正常工作,但一些关键性的评估及电磁兼容的考虑不够,还是存在着潜在的隐患;           2.大部分LED电源生产企业都是从普通的开关电源转型过来做LED电源,对LED的特点及使用认识还不够;           3.目前关于LED的标准几乎没有,大部分都是参考开关电源和电子整流器的标准;            4.现在大部分LED电源没有统一,所以量大部分都比较小。采购量小,价格就偏高,而且元器件供应商也不太配合;           5.LED电源的稳定性:宽电压输入,高温和低温工作,过温、过压保护等问题都没有一一解决;            首要问题是驱动电源与电路的整个的使用寿命周期,尤其是相关的关键要害零器件如:电容在高温下的寿命直接影响到电源的寿命; 其次是LED驱动器应应战更高的转换效率,尤其是在驱动大功率LED时更是如斯,由于一切未作为光输出的功率都作为热量耗散,电源转换效率的过低,影响了LED节能结果的发扬; 当前在功率较小(1-5W)的使用场所,恒流驱动电源本钱所占的比重曾经接近1/3,曾经接近了光源的本钱,必然水平上影响了市场的全面...
  • Updated: 2018 - 03 - 23
    一、LED显示屏概述      现代社会已进入信息时代,信息传播占有越来越重要的地位,同时人们对视觉媒体的要求也愈来愈高,要求传播媒体反映迅速、现实(实时性)、醒目(色彩丰富、栩栩如生),画面超大型化,具有震撼力,近几年,随着微电子技术、自动化技术、计算机技术的迅速发展,半导体制作工艺日趋成熟,导致LED显示点尺寸越来越小,解析度越来越高,并可将显示光的三基色(红、绿、蓝)集成化为一体,达到全彩色效果,使得LED显示屏的应用范围日益扩大。           二、LED显示屏的特点      LED显示屏主要有下列特点:      1、屏幕尺寸可大可小,全部采用模块化无缝拼接,LED箱体设计的标准化使显示屏安装更为方便,独特的防水设计,符合IP65的防护等级,可直接在户外安装使用,最大可以做到2000㎡。      2、视角大,亮度高,寿命长LED寿命长达100,000小时以上,室外屏亮度高于6000cd/㎡,室内屏亮度高于2000 cd/㎡,室内屏视角大于±120℃,室外屏视角大于±110℃,适用于不同的安装环境,可自行根据不同环境亮度来调整屏幕亮度。      3、视距可通过选择不同直径与不同点距的产品来调整,小到几十厘米,大到几百米均可满足要求,目前最小直径可做到2mm。      4、软件分区功能可以实现整屏的多窗口显示,可同时显示图像,实时显示,文本,...
  • Updated: 2018 - 03 - 23
    大部分照明设计者认为所有LED产品的品质都是一样的,在这些制造商中只有一少部分能够制造出高品质的LED。对于只用作简单指示作用的应用,低品质的LED就足以满足要求了。但是在许多要求一致性、可靠性、固态指示或照明等领域里必须采用高品质的LED,特别是在恶劣环境下,例如在高速公路、军用/航空,以及工业应用等。       在纽约地铁站等环境中,安全要求是很苛刻的,LED必须符合高质量的要求根本因素。       区分LED质量高低的因素是哪些?如何说出两种LED的差别?实际上,选择高质量的LED可以从芯片开始,直到组装完成,这期间有许多因素需要考虑。Tier-OneLED制造公司能够生产优良的、指标一致的晶圆是从高品质的LED制造材料做起的,进而可以制造出优良的芯片。在决定LED所有性能指标的条件中,晶圆生产工艺所采用的化学材料是相当重要的因素。       一片2英寸晶圆可以切割出6000多个LED芯片,这里面仅有个别芯片的性能指标与整体不同。而一个优秀的芯片生产商制造的芯片在颜色、亮度和电压降等方面的差异性非常小。当LED芯片封装完成后,它们的许多性能指标就有可能存在很大的差别,如视角。此外,封装材料的影响也是相当大的,例如,硅树脂就比环氧树脂的性能好。       优秀的LED制造商不仅能制造高质量的芯片,而且也具有根据LED的颜色、亮度、电压降和视角的不同而对其进行分类包装的能力。高品质LED供应商会向客户提供工作特性一致的产品,而品质较低的LED供应商则只能提供类似于“混装”的LED。   &...
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